Sydney Bell

Co-Host of Queen Speaking

Sydney as told by Breanna:

She’s a sparkle. Inside and out. Upon meeting her, she’s engaged, curious, and wants to learn who you are. Energetic, enigmatic, and exploratory. Her curious mind is full of ideas yet to be born and her honesty is refreshing. Her spirit is like a fluttering butterfly — mysterious whimsy, yet charismatic and comforting.

Syd is the creator, the idealist, the connector. Of all the things detailed in her assessment as an ENFP, this best describes her: “Can’t I fly helicopters AND be an oceanographer who writes songs and cooks.” She’s one to explore whatever excites her. Get ready to be enraptured by everything she says.

Professionally, she works in development and is committed to providing more opportunities for students in higher education. Additionally, she pursues board positions and volunteer opportunities with the community organizations she supports and launched a young alumni leaders program. Next on the agenda? A Masters of Science in Human Resource Development. Now that’s a Queen!

Celebrity Spirit Queen

Tracee Ellis Ross — why? Tracee is FUNNY! She is a biracial Queen, and someone who helped me find my identity. Also, she doesn’t take herself too seriously — how can you not look up to one of two women who actually dressed the Rei Kawakubo/Commes de Garcons theme at the Met Ball in 2017?? She is a strong, vocal advocate for women’s empowerment, AND has impeccable, fun, loud style! She gives me life, and I look forward to her posts/words/next steps Every. Single. Day.

Sydney Bell has hosted 137 Episodes.