Breanna Banford

Co-Host of Queen Speaking

Breanna as told by Sydney:

Simply put, Breanna is the friend everyone wants in their life, but doesn’t always deserve. She has been practicing this thing called Radical Honesty since before it was a business buzz phrase, and she always shows up — physically, emotionally, however you need her, she’s there.

She helps people expect more of themselves, and makes sure no one is throwing a pity party without some action items to do better at the end of it. Breanna genuinely cares about bringing out the best in people, and helping them unlock their potential.

Breanna is an executor, and knows nothing happens without a plan in place and great communication. She is a take-no-shit badass who hasn’t entertained the idea of a short-cut in her whole life.

Personally, she loves all things local — especially those that fall into the food and drink category. Since finding the spark for public speaking, Breanna’s ready to hone her speaking skills, and take center stage in order to inspire, educate and encourage the next group of Queens who are ready to Make. Shit. Happen.

Celebrity Spirit Queen

Sophia Amoruso — why? Because she’s an unconventional, unexpected but empowering woman. She’s been through ups and downs and been very honest about the challenges she’s faced in business and in relationships, how she’s picking herself up no matter what — not hiding, standing up for who she is and what she's creating. Plus, her Girlboss community and podcast is the ultimate inspo!

Breanna Banford has hosted 137 Episodes.