Queen Speaking

A podcast for women as we navigate our personal and professional lives, sharing the inspiration that helps us along the way.

About the show

A podcast for women as we navigate our personal and professional lives, sharing the inspiration that helps us along the way.

Together we’ll celebrate our triumphs and dig into our setbacks. We're giving voice to the experiences we live on a daily basis in search of continued self awareness. Let's find more ways to create opportunity for ourselves and advocate for our communities.

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  • Episode 31: Planning The Ultimate Backyard Party

    August 24th, 2018  |  1 hr 28 mins
    backyard party, labor day party, labor day weekend, party planning

    Just in time for Labor Day, we’re hitting you with party planning tips, menu inspiration, guest perspectives, and more.

  • Episode 30: Your Role In Politics: How To Get Informed

    August 17th, 2018  |  1 hr 16 mins
    media, midterm elections, politics, understanding politics

    In this episode, we talk about reputable outlets to go to for information to educate yourself on local, national, and international politics from print to podcasts. We also share a variety of ways to get involved beyond protests. Plus, reminders for primary and midterm elections coming up in September and November!

  • Episode 29: Vitamins And Supplements: Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em?

    August 10th, 2018  |  1 hr 15 mins
    health, supplements, vitamins, wellness

    We’re breaking down the pros and cons associated with society’s obsession with supplements and vitamins. How do you decide whether or not you need to take them?

  • Episode 28: Personal Branding Basics

    August 3rd, 2018  |  1 hr 7 mins
    improving your online presence, personal branding, personal branding basics

    Have you Googled yourself? What do you think you'll find? We run through why having a basic handle on your personal brand is important and how to answer questions about yourself to better define what makes you stand out.

  • Episode 27: Can I Give You Some Feedback?

    July 27th, 2018  |  1 hr 20 mins
    constructive criticism, feedback, handling feedback, how to give feedback, radical candor

    What’s it take to give good feedback? We talk through the tactics that make it easier to have direct, constructive, thoughtful conversations with friends and coworkers.

  • Episode 26: Planning Your Ultimate, Stress-free Vacation

    July 20th, 2018  |  1 hr 18 mins
    ooo, travel, travel tips, vacation, vacation planning

    Vacation is not about becoming Instagram famous. Ask yourself, “What do you do to chill out?” Then, incorporate that into your vacation experience. Learn to take advantage of this time to do things that make you happy, soak up some downtime, and explore.

  • Episode 25: Who’s On Your Personal Board Of Directors?

    July 13th, 2018  |  1 hr 31 mins
    active listening, how to be a better mentor, how to be a mentor, how to find a mentor, mentee, mentor, mentoring, mentorship

    As we all progress on our journeys, mentorship is vital to our success. We discuss how to find a mentor, how to be a great mentor, and make the most of the 1:1 time whether you’re the mentee or mentor.

  • Episode 24: Achieving A Realistic Work/Life Balance

    July 6th, 2018  |  1 hr 12 mins
    assess your priorities, flexibility, priorities square, prioritization, wheel of life, work/life balance

    Can you have it all? Yes, over time. We share ways to assess your priorities and state of mind, and how to make changes to feel happy and fulfilled in the areas most important to you to own your version of work/life balance.

  • Episode 23: How To Use Feedback To Your Advantage

    June 29th, 2018  |  1 hr 18 mins
    constructive criticism, feedback, handling feedback, johari window, self awareness, self awareness exercise

    There’s value in feedback — learn how to handle constructive criticism to get the most out of your best traits. Plus, an exercise to improve your self awareness and how to solicit feedback from your coworkers, mentors, and others close to you.

  • Episode 22: What To Do With An Idea

    June 22nd, 2018  |  1 hr 20 mins
    business development, creating a podcast, idea, nurture ideas, queen speaking

    We talk through how we built Queen Speaking from an idea to reality to inspire you to nurture your own ideas. We cover choosing the right platform, expectations, growth opportunities, setbacks, and staying motivated.

  • Episode 21: How To Create A Vision Board

    June 15th, 2018  |  1 hr 9 mins
    creating a vision board, how-to, law of attraction, manifestation, vision board, vision boarding

    Learn how to embrace the creative side of goal setting by creating a vision board to visualize the things you want in life and make them happen.

  • Episode 20: How To Avoid Burnout

    June 8th, 2018  |  1 hr 18 mins
    avoiding burnout, burnout, depression vs. burnout, overwhelm

    We talk through how to identify burnout red flags, navigate your way out of the overwhelm, and how to avoid it down the road.

  • Episode 19: How To Find A Hobby

    June 1st, 2018  |  1 hr 9 mins
    adult hobbies, finding a hobby, hobbies, how to find a hobby

    We talk through why it’s good for your well-being to have a hobby and what questions to ask to find one that works for you.

  • Episode 18: Mindfulness + Social Media

    May 25th, 2018  |  1 hr 39 mins
    digital detox, mindfulness, social media, social media addiction, social media detox

    A digital detox may be everything we need, but that's a terrifying feat. We talk through how to take small steps to regain control over the social media scroll.

  • Episode 17: Skincare Basics

    May 18th, 2018  |  1 hr 36 mins
    skincare, skincare 101, skincare basics, skincare routine

    What do you need to consider when upping your skincare game in your 20s, 30s, and beyond? There will be some trial and error, but everyone deserves great skin! We talk through the basics from cleansers to SPF and everything in between.

  • Episode 16: Let’s Get Organized

    May 11th, 2018  |  1 hr 26 mins
    home organization, motivation, office organization, organization, organization tips, prioritization

    We talk through how to declutter the excess in your mind, your home, and your office.